Chaff Cutter

Model:  9Z-9A
Capacity:  0.5-10t/h
Power:  2.2-15kw
Voltage:  380V, 50HZ 3phase or based on your need

Application:   Chopper Cutter is used for cutting dry or wet corn ,wheat stalk, rice straw .
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    Product Description 
Chaff Cutter
   Chaff cutter (cutting machine)   
    The machine is an aggregation of grass-cutting, silage and grinding, it runs smoothly, has a high product efficiency, multi-function operation. At present, it is the ideal machine for processing straw stack feed, raises the domesticated fowl domestic animal in countryside.
    1 Chaff Cutter ---Steel structure frame, mobile wheel, small volume, light weight
    2 Chaff Cutter ---Install the Reverse Gear Systems; keep fodder from Jamming in the machine.
    3 Chaff Cutter ---The grass roller drive shaft is the rotary shaft coupling, compact structure, flexible operation, convenient disassembling
    4 Chaff Cutter ---The blade is made up of superior alloy steel, ultra strong wear-resisting; Uses the high strength bolt, reliable and safe.
    5 Chaff Cutter ---The machine rack is welded by thickened alloy steel plate, elegant and durable.
    6 Chaff Cutter ---High rate of costs, low price at the same level productivity's straw cutter.

Chopper Cutter
Chopper Cutter


Packaging & Shipping
Packing and shipping of Chaff Cutter

Packing and shipping of Chaff Cutter

Company Information
factory of  Chaff Cutter
factory of  Chaff Cutter

CE Certification  ISO9001: 2008 Certification

 Our Services
Our service of Chaff Cutter

 FAQ of Chaff Cutter
Our company produces chaff cutter,disc straw cutter,knife- rall straw cutter and so on,if you want to know more about our products,please contact us,as manufacturer,Our engineer will provide more advice for you,thank you!

Chaff Cutter Main technical parameters:



Speed of motor

Raw material



15 KW

1440 r/min


Silage crop straw

(water ratio 78% )

9 T/ H



Dry crop straw

( water ratio 17% )

3.5 T/H



length of chaffcutter



( water ratio 20 % )

3.5 T/H



880 kg


12 ,18,25,35 mm


Dry straw

(water ratio 17 % )

4 T/H

Application: Chopper Cutter is used for cutting dry or wet corn ,wheat stalk, rice straw .


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