9FQ hammer mill crusher

Model:  9FQ
Capacity:  0.5-3t/h
Power:  22-45kw
Voltage:  380V, 50HZ, 3phase or based on your demand

Application:   It is suitable for grinding the grains, such corn, wheat, straw, etc.
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Product Description 
 9FQ hammer mill crusher
    1.It is the most ideal milling equipment of all kinds of wood pieces, straw, grass, stalk, tree branches, waste cardboard, bamboo, wood scrap, corn stalk, peanut shell, wheat stalk, wood fuel, cotton stalk, biomass shell and so on.
    2. It is one kind of small crush machine; the knife can cut and crush the raw material with 1mm diameter. As for the wood chips, stick, straw and stalk into pieces can be as required;

    3. It is suitable for grinding the grains, such corn, wheat, straw, etc.
    4. This kind of machine could be matched with mounting plate for motor or diesel engine, tractor and collector.
    Its working principle is material from the hopper into the crushing chamber, there have been high-speed rotating hammer crushing blow, under the action of centrifugal force to break the material along the outer edge of the rotor, continuous film by the hammer, tooth plate, screen film extrusion, collision, combat, rubbed and was quickly crushed, crushed powder after the centrifugal rotor by the pressure and suction force of the fan sent outside the aircraft through the sieve, sieve the powder through repetition but on top process until the machine through the sieve was sent to the far outside.


    1. It is widely used in swine farm, wood factory, etc.
    2. Hammer mill with cyclone is equipped with high carbon steel blade.
    3. The raw materials can be crushed into straw particles, whose diameter is 3-5mm.
    4. The durable hammer mill with cyclone works with high efficiency and gains more good reputation from European users.
    5. Even crushing function of multi-cavities which is suitable to crush hard material.
    6. Reasonable design of leveling plate making the finished material finer and cubic-shaped without internal cracks.
    7. Low and big feed opening make the production line easy to arrange and increase the size of feeding material.
    8. Hydraulic start-up which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of wear-parts.
    9. New anti-abrasive material which prolong service life of impact hammer, impact plate and liner.

 9FQ hammer mill crusher
 9FQ hammer mill crusher

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factory of  9FQ hammer mill crusher
factory of  9FQ hammer mill crusher

CE Certification  ISO9001: 2008 Certification

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 FAQ of 9FQ hammer mill crusher

9FQ hammer mill crusher Main technical parameters:

Application: It is suitable for grinding the grains, such corn, wheat, straw, etc.


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