Counter-flow Cooler

Model:  SKLN
Capacity:  3-25t/h
Power:  0.75-2.2kw
Voltage:  380V, 50HZ 3phase or based on your need

Application:   it is suitable for cooling of all kinds of pellets materials.
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     Product Description 
     Counter flow Cooler
    1. The counter flow cooling principle is adopted to cool the pellets with high temperature and moisture. Hot air touches hot pellets and cool air touches cool the pellets so as to avoid the pellet surface crack caused by sudden cooling produced by direct touching between cool air and hot pellets. At the same time, the airlock is used for feeding and space of air inlet bigger, therefore it can get better cooling effects.
    2. Slide reciprocating discharger has smooth and reliable discharging, low residue.
    3. Low power consumption, easily operation.
    4. Pellet temperature after cooling is less than +35 ambient temperatures.
    5. The counter-flow cooler is suitable for pellet cooling.
Packaging & Shipping

Packing and shipping of Counter-flow Cooler

Packing and shipping of Counter-flow Cooler

Company Information
factory of  Counter-flow Cooler
factory of  Counter-flow Cooler

Certification of Counter-flow Cooler  Certification of Counter-flow Cooler

 Our Services
Our service of Counter-flow Cooler

 FAQ of Counter-flow Cooler

     If you want to know more about the counter-flow cooler,animal pellet feed counter-flow cooler, feed cooling equipment,please contact us anytime you need .As feed manufacturers, we will provide you with good after-sales service and the lowest price,thank you!

Counter-flow Cooler Main technical parameters:

MODEL SKLN11*11 SKLN15*15 SKLN19*19 SKLN19*24 SKLN24*24 SKLN24*28
CAPACITY(T/H) 3 5 10 15 20 25
POWER(KW) .075+.075 .075+.075 1.5+1.5 1.5+1.5 2.2+2.2 2.2+2.2

Application: it is suitable for cooling of all kinds of pellets materials.


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