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Sales Manager:  Andy zaoo
Tel:  0086 373 3878381
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We always hold "customer comes first" and try our best to provide our customers with considerate solution and service.

0086-373-3878381Fax: 0086-373-3878388

Pre-sale service:

1. provide our client with investment guide for free.
2. provide our client with evaluation investment scheme for free.
3. free visit to our factory .
4. design of production line scheme is provided for free.

In-sale service:

1. experienced workers are sent to provide track service when equipments are transported.
2. experienced technicians or engineers will be sent for on-site installation, adjustment and technical devices according to clients' engineering requirement.
3. "operating instruction manual", equipment assembly drawings and wearing parts list in duplicate will be provided for free .

Post-sale service:

1. on the premise that equipments are operated correctly and in warranty period, we accept repair, exchange, and return items.
2. we provide permanent favorable spare parts for our clients .
3. we provide permanent technology support and related help.

Post-sale service


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