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Characteristics of aquaculture fish

Characteristics of aquaculture fish

Author:Andy Zaoo 
Whether from the overall development of aquaculture industry,or from the farming methods and techniques,etc.,fish farming and other land animals are very different. The following Hengfu feed crumbler manufacturers will describe from the fish aquaculture development,fish feeding and other aspects of the characteristics of fish farming.
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1.Development of fish farming.Before the sixties of last century,fish farming is still in its infancy,according to changes in water color to fertilize,almost all of the farming are carried out by experience,the output is not high.From the 1960s to the 1970s, agricultural and sideline products developed and began to use weeds and other mixed feed to feed fish.Since the seventies,with the rapid development of domestic feed industry,fish farming industry has also been rapid developing, China's aquaculture production has been ranked on the forefront of the world.
2.Fish feeding characteristics.Different from other animals,fish feeding should be based on different species of fish.For herbivorous fish,choose formula feed when feeding.Feeding a small amount of green fodder,green fodder can be planted ryegrass, sudan grass or alfalfa and so on.For omnivorous fish, the feed nutritional value should be higher than the nutritional value of grass carp feed.For carnivorous fish,use puffed feed,use of live fish bait before it grows into adult fish.
3.Particularity of the breeding environment.Unlike other animal breeding, fish farming must be carried out underwater,which requires farmers to choose aquaculture waters before breeding and analysis the composition of water,feed dry extruder recommend throughout the breeding process to keep the water in the pond clean.

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