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Detailed annotation of the installation and commissioning steps of pellet mill

Detailed annotation of the installation and commissioning steps of pellet mill

Author:Andy Zaoo 
Pellet mill unit can use corn,soybean meal,rice bran,straw,grass and other materials directly for granulation, but many people do not know how to properly install and debug pellet mill, the following is the installation and commissioning steps of the pellet feed machine from Hengfu animal feed pellet machine:
1,Before installation should be based on equipment layout and the basis of the map to check whether the basic size of the drawings meet the requirements, if there are differences should be changed to the correct size and then install.
ring die pellet mill
2,The installation staff must be familiar with the installation requirements of equipment, in strict accordance with the technical requirements of construction.
3,The particle machine equipment in the transport process may lead to deformation, damage or loss, so before the installation should control the equipment list, inspection and acceptance, and take appropriate measures to make the equipment in good condition and then installed.
4,All the particles of the series equipment in the installation site should be numbered, create the installation process card and schedule, according to the order of the installation process, one by one installation.
5,The installation sequence: from top to bottom will be the first device and frame in place, and then install the connection pipes and electrical equipment.
6,The installation of the necessary tools, equipment and materials must be prepared, the installation of electrical equipment should comply with the relevant provisions of the state, no leakage phenomenon, wire, cable protection shell to prevent the mouse bite.
7,The installation of pellet feed machine equipment (SZLH304 ring die pellet mill) must be flexible part of the rotation without a card, touch the sound, each connection must be strengthened to seal, no dust, air leakage and so on.

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