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Design and working principle of feed mixer mixing blade

Design and working principle of feed mixer mixing blade

Author:Andy Zaoo 
Under normal circumstances,shape of most horizontal dry mortar blender mixer blade is based on mixing diameter,blade installation angle (axial and radial installation angle),the blade length in the axial and radial mixing area and blade set height and other parameters of the design,general side of the mixing blade points left and right two.
horizontal dry mortar blender
The outer edge of mixing blade use mixing drum diameter as cylinder,and the influence of the gap between the inner wall of mixing drum and the mixing consumption.Design the gap between the edge of the mixing blade and the mixing drum wall ≤ 4mm,and into the gap of the wedge.First contact the front end of material,gap is less than the back,a difference of 1 ~ 2mm,conductive to the release material once be stuck.
For the installation of mixing arm and blade design,are used tile structure,respectively fixed in the corresponding mixing shaft and stirring arm by the bolt clamping effect.In the production,according to the different length of mix drum and production requirements,screw mixer think the number of mixing blades can be correspondingly increased or decreased;adjusting the stirring shaft to hold the tile,you can adjust the phase of the uniaxial agitator phase and the biaxial stirring arm phase difference.Adjusting horizontal ribbon mixer mixing arm to hold the tile, which can adjust the axial mounting angle of the stirring blade.

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