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Solution of whiskers-shape particles emergence

Solution of whiskers-shape particles emergence

Author:Andy Zaoo 
Whiskers-shape particles refers to those uneven like whiskers-shape spots protruding objectsthe appeared in the surface of the feed particles produced by ring die pellet mill in feed,but also bring great losses to the feed manufacturers.To avoid it,feed mill manufacturers should be aware of the main reasons of this situation and the corresponding solutions.
Main reason analysis:
ring die pellet mill
Material in granulation room contains more moisture,for example,the amount of steam the into the machine too much,or the material itself.These excessive water,in the high temperature and pressure of the granulation chamber,into water vapor,free in the fiber or powder material and can not be fully absorbed.Boiler think when the material is squeezed out sieve mesh by ring die and contact with the external environment,due to pressure and temperature change sharply,steam bubble in pellet feed burst and put the fiber or pellet raw material to the surface prominent,formation of whiskers.Especially in the granulation material starch and fiber content is high,use too much steam,this situation is more serious.
To avoid the emergence of this whiskers-shape feed, increase beauty of appearance and quality of pellet feed.When production of high starch and high fiber content feed, it should use low pressure steam.Low-pressure steam can shorten the steam condensation time,conducive to full release of moisture and heat in the steam to let feed absorb;animal feed machinery remind if the steam pressure is too high,the steam will not condense before the temperature drop to 100 ℃,the material does not have sufficient time to mix with these vapors,thus avoiding the occurrence of whiskers-shape feed particles.

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