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Sales Manager:  Andy zaoo
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Company History

        feed manufacturers
    Xinxiang Hengfu Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading FEED PROCESSING MACHINERY supplier in China and we are CE, ISO9001.Founded in 1993, Xinxiang Hengfu Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise with over 200 employees and a registered capital of USD1,500,000. Our annual turnover in 2003 reached USD5,000,000 of which 60% was generated through exports.
     We specialize in the development and manufacturing of feed processing, we produce SZLH250-420 series pellet feed complete set, feed mill, feed mixer, feed pellet machine, small feed processing unit, conveying equipment, cooling equipment, Offering 120 different products.
     We've been exporting our products throughout Central and Southeast Asia, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa since 1998. A pioneer in this field, we have accumulated much experience in all aspects of production, sales, and service of feed machinery.
    Best-selling products: animal feed machinery,animal feed pellet machine,complete animal feed plant and etc .

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